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How do our signals look like?

Our analytics find a market opening that could lead to a successful transaction. After risk analysis they set the TP and SL that will maximize profit and guarantee that if the transaction loses it will be minimal.

The signal is confirmed and instantly sent to your chosen application, directly on your phone.

You perform the trade on your brokerage account, taking in mind the set TP and SL!

Rest without worrying about the trade, drink some beer and wait for the next one!

Check how much money you made and celebrate! ??

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Helena Morgan


Having a degree in finance, I was involved in a forex project in college, but Forex Kings is something else. These guys are top of the top specialists and with their help I have finally went into profit. Not only that but their affiliate program is something you try out!

Josh Adamson


Forex Kings helps me earn a side income, being in college I did not have much time for work but their signals work for me! Takes only a few minutes during lecture to execute the trades and money starts rolling in!

Peter Zhang

Professional Trader

I’ve been involved in trading financial instruments for over 10 years now. Forex Kings help allowed me to improve my strategy and emotional game, I have always had problems with exiting trades but now we’re constantly working on it and my account is growing at such a rate I’m thinking about retirement now!

Adrian Daniels


Going into this I had no idea about trading, thanks to Forex Kings courses I have learned it all and now sometimes make more money on the market than with my barber shop! If you are not a subscriber yet you gotta try it now!

Freddie McDaniel


My friend has recommended me Forex Kings, and as I spend most of the day in the office I thought it would be a good opportunity for a side income. I was not disappointed, this things is making me big money and we’re now working together on trading algorithms.

Cheryl Parham


I was looking for a way to invest money and landed on Forex Kings website. I had no idea what signals were but after a few weeks of learning on a demo account I am not disappointed. The knowledge and work put in these courses by these gentlemen is terrific.

Need more information?

Check answers to the most common questions!

How are the signals sent and where can I use them?

All signals are being sent to messenger app Telegram. It allows you to instantly receive our recommendations in every place of the globe - as long as you have internet connection. Our signals can be used with every broker operating Forex transactions.

What are the available payment methods?

For your order you can pay using a card from Visa / MasterCard or by simply checking out via PayPal

I’m just starting with Forex, which broker should I use?

Just to answer this question we have tested over 15 different brokers! The results of our experiment can be seen on the Recommended Broker page - according to us this is currently the best available broker on the market.

How much can you earn using our signals?

This depends solely on the deposit You have put in your brokerage account. The more capital, the bigger orders You can open - and the more profit You get. We suggest a starting deposit of $200 so the subscription costs are worth and there is still hefty profit left!

Which broker should I choose?

We have worked with many brokers and for this question we have prepared a full page explaining our choice - Recommended broker.

What is the minimum deposit?

This depends on the broker you are playing with. On BDSwiss the minimum deposit is only $100.

How many signals do you send per day?

Every day we send a minimum of 6 signals that are stretched from morning to evening. There is no maximum but it’s usually 10-15 signals.

What percentage of capital should I use for one signal?

We suggest a safe strategy using 2-3% of your balance for one position.

Why don't I get any signals on the weekends?

It's very simple - the forex market is closed on Saturday and Sunday. Try to relax and get ready for some intensive trading on Monday.

How soon after receiving a signal should I open a position?

You should open the position as soon as possible, all our signals have a 3 hour lifetime, but sometimes the market may change so much that you won't be able to open the order that was intended.

Can you play with a small volume?

It all depends on your broker. BDSwiss offers micro lots as low as 0.01 Lot.

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